Presidential Carriage discovered by Angold Fisheries in darkness of warehouse in Lake Charles Louisiana

Angold Fisheries, undergoing repairs to the roof of its headquarters, made a startling discovery while looking through an old warehouse on the former Chennault Air Base. Shinning a light around in the darkness, a corner of the warehouse seemed to absorb the light instead of reflecting it back, drawing the beam into itself. Stepping closer, there in the darkness loomed a horse drawn carriage. Blacker than the darkness surrounding it, it intrigued and mystified. Closer inspection was to reveal startling discoveries about this carriage, leading to a history never guessed at.

Walking around the carriage, a plague came into view below the driver’s seat.

Presidential Carriage, Presidents Bush, Carter and, Ford. May 20,1994


Could this carriage have carried these three Presidents all on the same date? Intrigued by the mystery, research was started on this vehicle. All three Presidents were in Baton Rouge on this date, present at the commencement ceremonies for the new LSU Alumni center. President Carter also received an honorary doctorate at this event. How to connect it further?

Baton Rouge Advocate carried an article on the three Presidents arriving for the occasion in a horse drawn carriage, better yet a picture of the Presidents standing in front of the carriage.

Contact of the company who built the carriage revealed that it was hand built in the Amish community in Illinois. Excitement grows.

Contact of LSU put Angold in touch with Carla who was present at the event and remembers the Presidents arriving in the carriage. Carla remembers the LSU campus magazine doing an article on the Presidents, having an extra copy they sent it to Angold Fisheries to help in the research for the carriage authenticity.  

Angold Fisheries is working diligently to bring this significant carriage out of the darkness it has rested in for decades now with the blessings of the carriages owner A.P. Leonards who is interested in presenting this carriage back to the light it deserves. How this is to be done remains to be seen, and the carriage still rests in its protected darkness at this time. Steps are being taken to bring its history up to date, so an informed decision can be made as to the future of the iconic piece of American History.